According to a recent security analysis, Apple’s Find my Network feature has found itself vulnerable to critical flaws that threat actors can exploit to compromise user accounts.

The tech giant has long marketed itself as an interconnected iOS ecosystem with coherent connections within its devices.

What is Find my Network?

To the unaware, the Apple Find My network is one such important element of the Apple ecosystem.

It is essentially a crowdsourced network of millions of Apple devices that use Bluetooth wireless technology to detect missing devices or items nearby and report their approximate location back to the owner.

However, the tech giant has been facing peculiar security issues with iOS and its systems as is being reported for the past few weeks.

What highlights the issues is the iOS was reportedly updated with malware bugs, and even AirTags has been tested as a tracking device.

AirTag spotlights Find my Network:

As for the Find my Network, experts have reported a newly found security flaw where an Apple user’s entire Network could be compromised to steal sensitive data.

Apple recently launched their newest product AirTags that seamlessly connected into the Find my Network ecosystem which can help track lost items and devices to whichever they are attached. 

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This particular device essentially brought the features and advantages of the Network in the spotlight, where it was also subjected to critical security assessment.

It was found that since the “Find My” transmits the AirTag’s location through Bluetooth signals to any other Apple device, malicious actors can exploit the same features to obtain access, hack, and extract sensitive user data. 

Threat actors can gain access to private data like user identity, the number of Apple devices the user owns as well as Apple devices’ locations.

While Apple is yet to address this critical security flaw, users have been highly recommended to turn off the Network feature when not in use.