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APT-C-36 Drops Commodity RATs

APT-C-36 is now running a spam campaign that uses commodity RATs to infiltrate South American companies for financial gain. njRAT, BitRAT, Async RAT, and Lime RAT are reportedly among the RATs being used by the group. The group’s motivations are still hazy, other than the possibility of financial gain.

APT-C-36 is now engaged in a phishing campaign in which it sends out bogus emails pretending to be from Colombia’s national directorate of taxes and customs.

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The majority of the people targeted were in Colombia, but there were also some in Ecuador, Spain, and Panama, as well as the United States. Some of the spear-phishing emails were in Spanish.

These are the primary industries that have come under attack.
The energy, oil and gas, and telecommunications industries have all been targets for some of the attacks.

Over time, APT-C-36 appears to have honed its phishing email tactics to include various link shorteners and RATs. A lot of time and effort has gone into perfecting this malware’s ability to spread undetected. This threat category must therefore be closely monitored to avoid any unwanted shocks.

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