Online grocery shopping app BigBasket is now facing a new challenge as an aftermath of its data breach incident of 2020.

Massive BigBasket Data Breach:

Back in  December 2020, BigBasket had made major headlines for suffering a data breach attack at the hands of the ShinyHunters hacker group.

At that time, it was reported that the customer data of BigBasket was stolen by the ShinyHunters hacker group and was put up for sale for Rs30 lakh.

And now, it is being allegedly disclosed that the ShinyHunters hacker group has posted the illegally acquired BigBasket customer data in a public hacker forum on the dark web.

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Sensitive user data leaked by ShinyHunters:

Security experts analyzing the data breach have disclosed that the leaked post comprises a total of 3.25 GB of databases.

The database reportedly comprises personal data of over 20 million BigBasket users. The database was allegedly posted on a dark web forum on Sunday, April 25, and remains public at the time of writing this article. 

This database contains vital, sensitive user data such as phone numbers, email IDs, private addresses, Date Of Births among other identifiers, and personal information.

It is especially concerning that this kind of data can be easily compromised to deploy identity theft attacks, malware attacks, ransomware attacks, stalkerware and spyware attacks, and other malicious attacks.

The ShinyHunters hacker group had formerly dispensed the stolen data for sale when the data breach had initially been disclosed back in December 2020.

Acknowledging the wide-scale data breach, the grocery shopping application organization had filed a first information report with the cyber police.

 As far as alerting its customers, BigBasket is urging users to update their application details and credentials to mitigate any advanced cyber-risks.

The data breach is allegedly under investigation at the moment while the grocery shopping application organization is intending to adopt better security measures abhorring the data breach.