In a surprising turn of events, Maza, a Russian cybercriminal forum has been reportedly hacked which consequenced in the exposure of user data of the cybercriminal forum. 

Cybersecurity experts and researchers had reported identifying the hacking of the cybercriminal forum Maza, which was once known as Mazafaka, on the 3rd of March which has been active for more than 15 years. 

Notorious cybercriminal forum Maza:

Detailing the cybercriminal forum, Maza is an enclosed and exclusively private Russian cybercriminal forum intended for malicious actors.

Maza has long been linked to the dealing and smuggling of poached financial data as well as payment card details.

Maza has also been found active in highlighting malware, exploits, money laundering, spam, and similar criminal activities.

Hacking the cybercriminal forum:

Allegedly, when the forum was hacked, the attacking bad actors who seized Maza, disclosed a warning note stating “Your data has been leaked or this forum has been hacked.”

The data that was exposed in the hacking of Maza contained information regarding user IDs, email IDs, messenger app links like Skype, MSN, and Aim as well as passwords, both obfuscated and hashed.

Some cybersecurity researchers and experts are of the opinion that the leaked database is dates or incomplete while few users claim to find the forum for research purposes.

Details regarding the hackers who hacked the forum Maza itself are yet to be determined. 

Some might speculate that an online translator may have been deployed to flash the warning note. This consequence directs to the fact the hackers may not be Russian at all or it could also mean that the hackers are deliberating the warning posts in an effort to misdirect researchers from their identities.

Maza was hacked formerly as well, back in 2011. Reports speculated that at that time the forum was hacked by a contender group called DirectConnection and that data linked to more than 1500 users was breach and exposed.