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On July 14th, 2020, reported that a hacker with the online handle of NightLion stole various databases from DataViper, a breach observing site. One of the affected databases belonged to MGM Resorts, which had 142 million customer data. 

NightLion, at that time, was selling the data on now closed Rainforums and dark web marketplaces for $2900, but the latest report says the same database of 142 million records has been shared on Telegram for the public to download for free.

MGM Resorts International, an American chain of hotels and an entertainment firm, has a presence in the United States and China.

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Of late, Telegram groups have become a favourite platform to leak data.  Earlier this month, the personal data of 21 million SuperVPN, GeckoVPN, and ChatVPN users was also dumped on several Telegram groups for download.

According to VPNMentor researchers, On 22 May 2022, MGM resorts tracked four archives of files that had 8.7GB of data. At present, researchers are unsure of the number of affected users but around 30 million people are affected. 

VPNMentor researchers have confirmed that personally identifiable information (PII) constitutes the data leaked on Telegram. 

According to the hacker who published the data on Telegram, there are 142,479,938 records in the leak dating back to 2017. This includes more than 24 million unique email IDs and over 30 million unique contact numbers.