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DECRYPT-ing the modern Cybersecurity issues with Professionals

Virtual Cybersecurity Summit

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It is no secret that the world is facing an unprecedented pandemic. But along with that, we are facing a surge in cybercrimes as well. With innumerable cases of various cyber crimes coming up globally, cyber crimes have become a problem. And this problem needs to be addressed at the soonest. Cyber-crimes are getting harder to detect & solve every day. Thus, we require ample awareness regarding cybersecurity issues & how to solve them. To do so, CISO is soon organizing ‘DECRYPT’, a Virtual Cybersecurity Summit on the 6th of November, 2020.

Securelayer7 is the proud sponsor for the same. It is sure to be a Cybersecurity gem, considering the highlights. With over 20 global professionals as speakers, all at the top of their game, the summit will have 5+ sessions. This will give attendees over 6 hours of networking opportunities.

What will the Virtual Summit proffer?

The top leaders of the industry will speak on various cybersecurity concerns in the post-COVID era. They will also discuss how they seek a solution for their organizations. Over 1000 attendees will have the chance to hear them & connect with them. This will happen via a digital exhibition, public live chats and private one on one video chats.

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Industry Leaders in the summit will speak on several topics including –

Why must you attend it?

The attendees will get the opportunity to listen to the cyber-leaders at work. They will get to explore the latest technologies that can help them. They will gain better insights into implementing better cybersecurity practices. Most importantly, they will become a part of important discussions on the subject & connect with global leaders in their respective fields. 

There is not a single reason as to why anyone shouldn’t be attending this Virtual Cybersecurity Summit. It will open the attendees to better opportunities & give them a wider perspective in terms of cybersecurity. They will learn better ways to save themselves and their organizations from cybercrimes. This will make them ready to be an ace in the post-COVID era.

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