In a shocking revelation of privacy breach events, it was reported that customers of Eufy security cameras were able to access camera feeds of random users of the company’s surveillance cameras using the Eufy app.

Major privacy breach due to Eufy cameras:

Users of the Eufy camera system reported from all around the globe regarding the shocking glitch in the Eufy app, detailing that instead of seeing their own video feeds on the app, they found videos from complete strangers.

In some disturbing reports that came from the Eufy glitch, One user on the EufyCam subreddit described being able to see another user’s live feed and even control their camera, while a user on Facebook claimed they could see a stranger’s baby sleeping since the company sells video baby monitors in addition to doorbell cameras and indoor and outdoor security cameras.

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Addressing the cyber security hazard:

Subsequently, the security solutions company addressed the massive Eufy privacy breach incident on Twitter.

The company stated that the breach struck at about 4:50 a.m. ET on Monday, although it said that its engineers “identified the issue” an hour later and “immediately rolled back the server version and deployed an emergency update.” The problem was fixed by 6:30 a.m. ET the same morning.

According to the security surveillance brand, only a limited number of users were affected in seven countries around the globe, while exact numbers suggest that  712 users in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Cuba, New Zealand, Australia, and Argentina were affected by the bug.

Eufy has also issued an apology while detailing how it will prevent a breach “from ever happening again.”

“We understand that we need to build trust again with you,” the statement reads. “We are incredibly sorry and promise to take all the necessary measures to prevent this from ever happening again.”