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Hackers Stole United Nations Data


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According to researchers at cybersecurity firm Resecurity, hackers have gained access to the computer network of the United Nations and stolen data.

A UN employee’s login credentials appear to have been taken by unidentified cyber-criminals, according to Bloomberg.

The employee’s Umoja account was used to log in and gain entry. “Umoja” is the UN’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, which was launched in 2015.

The login and password used in the cyber-attack were obtained from a website on the dark web, according to a popular theory.

Organizations like the UN are a high-value target for cyberespionage, according to Gene Yoo, CEO of Resecurity.

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A substantial number of users on the UN network were compromised in order to obtain long-term intelligence, according to the perpetrator.

Cybercriminals gained access to UN networks on April 5, 2021, and continued to do so until August 7, according to researchers.

However, there was nothing to imply that the attackers had harmed the computer network of the United Nations in any way. Instead, it appears that the hackers were motivated by a desire to gather information.

Security firm Resecurity claimed it worked with the UN’s team of security experts to identify the scope of the breach after reporting the security incident.

However, Resecurity experts claim that data was stolen in the event.

When proof of data theft was supplied to Resecurity, Yoo told Bloomberg, the UN stopped contact with Resecurity as a result.

When the company mentioned in the Bloomberg article alerted us, “corrective procedures to reduce the consequences of the breach had already been planned and were being taken,” said UN spokesperson Farhan Haq, according to the

This is when we praised the corporation for providing us with details of what had happened, as well as confirmed the breach with them.”

A number of cyber-attacks, including persistent operations, have been launched against the United Nations in the past, according to Haq.plp

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