It is an obvious fact that the Manufacturing sector and healthcare industry are under dynamic cyberattacks. The risk scope has developed drastically and things are deteriorating. Alongside these two, the IT domain has likewise gotten one of the highest focuses for cyberattacks.

What the statistics say: 

A report of late shines a light on the trends in attacks within the first half of 2021 year. These frauds or cyberattacks are in the following statistics:

  • Among all phishing frauds, credentials acquiring represented 54%, BEC assaults took up a portion of 20.7%, and threat represented 2.2%. 
  • Organizations in the IT domain saw more than 9,000 phishing mails, trailed by manufacturing and healthcare around 6,000 phishing emails at regular intervals of 30 days for every 10,000 clients. 
  • Rather than C-level leaders, attackers have begun aiming at non-entrepreneur, eating a portion of 77%

Why is all this that crucial? 

While the facilities of Healthcare are enduring hacks by ransomware attackers and manufacturing firms continue to experience the ill effects of disturbance in the supply chain, attackers have depended on the most primary strategy—phishing emails—for unapproved access. These said sectors are exceptionally susceptible to cyberattacks as they have control over significant data, which is sought after in dark web markets. In addition, institutions actually utilize obsolete tech, which when combined with the absence of appropriate training of the employees and essential hygiene of cybersecurity put these areas in the crosshair of risk actors.

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The main point being: 

At this point, we know about the extraordinary lengths cybercriminals will cross to accomplish their evil aspirations. Strategies that are tried and tested like social engineering and phishing, just as refined and unique techniques like the hacks of the supply chain, are being used to access unprotected or ineffectively secured frameworks. Without appropriate protections, these areas will keep being the objectives of cyberattacks.