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NSA announces a List of Vulnerabilities Being Exploited by Chinese Hackers


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A week back on the 20th October 2020, the US National Security Agency recognized & warned regarding the top 25 vulnerabilities in systems that are being most exploited by Chinese Hackers. Chinese attackers had been using these vulnerabilities overtime to their benefit to cause targeted attacks. NSA has been advising organizations to secure their vulnerable devices & take into account measures to save their data from the prying eyes of the attackers. NSA Cybersecurity Director has advised cybersecurity professionals to make use of the highlighted vulnerabilities list to gain necessary information in order to prioritize their efforts to secure their systems. 

What could the attackers gain from these vulnerabilities? 

Each vulnerability was serving a different purpose for the attackers & hence according to the purpose they served, these vulnerabilities can be classified into various categories as:

From the detailed descriptions of the announced list of vulnerabilities & their harms, it seems safe to assume that NSA had been keeping a tab on them for a long. Announcing these vulnerabilities has given organizations a chance at saving their data from such attackers. Ever since the beginning of the COVID-era, cyber crimes have been on a rise globally & this is just another example of the same.

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What should you do now?

NSA has advised organizations to adapt to stringent measures to secure their data. They need to prioritise their cybersecurity efforts & start making efforts to keep their data safe from attackers. NSA has advised the organizations to patch the announced vulnerabilities at the earliest. A few suggested measures to follow for the same include – 

Besides patching, it is also important for organizations to take steps to mitigate such attacks in the coming time. Only by taking complete & absolute care will they be able to secure their data.

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