On Friday, the City of London Police announced that a 17-year-old Oxfordshire kid had been detained on suspicion of hacking after GTA 6 and uber breaches.

According to the report, the City of London Police detained a 17-year-old in Oxfordshire on September 22, 2022. London Police added that “he is still in police custody.”

The arrests were made as part of an investigation conducted in collaboration with the U.K. cybercrime division.

Although the specifics of the inquiry were not made public, it is believed that the recent wave of high-profile breaches against Uber and Rockstar Games may be related to law enforcement activity.

The same threat actor who goes by the handle Tea Pot is accused of carrying out both intrusions (aka teapotuberhacker).

For its part, Uber has blamed the breach on an attacker (or attackers) it suspects are members of the LAPSUS$ extortion ring, of which two are charged with fraud.

The identity of the hacker responsible for two instances was revealed on an illicit forum online, according to Flashpoint.

The business said on Friday that “the administrator on that site claimed that teapotuberhacker was the same person who had purportedly hacked Microsoft and “owned” Doxbin.”

This implies that the person that plays the teapotuberhacker and is also known by the identities. These include White, Breachbase, and WhiteDoxbin is probably the same person regarded as “LAPSUS$’s apparent ringleader.”

These allegations may or may not be genuine. If they exist, it may help to explain the most recent arrest made by law authorities.