A severe vulnerability was fixed in the WordPress plugin Contact Form 7 that lets in attackers to add scripts that are malicious… 

A vulnerability has been located in the WordPress plugin Contact Form 7 that lets in an attacker to add scripts that are malicious. The representatives of WordPress plugin Contact Form 7 have launched an upgrade to the restoration of the vulnerability.

The vulnerability of Unrestricted File Upload 

An upload of unrestricted file vulnerability during a WordPress plugin is once the plugin permits any hacker to upload an internet shell (malicious script) that may then be accustomed to take over a site, tamper with the info and then on.

A web shell could be a malicious script that may be in any web language that’s uploaded to a website that is vulnerable, mechanically processed and accustomed to gain access, execute commands, tamper with the information, etc.

Contact Form 7 refers to their update of recent as an “urgent maintenance and security release.”

As stated by Contact Form7:

“A file that was unrestricted vulnerability has been found in older and new versions of  Contact Form 7 five.three.1.

Making use of this vulnerability, any form submitter can skip Contact Form 7’s filename sanitization, and add a file that can be accomplished as a script document on the host server.”

The following are the extra details about the vulnerability that changed into shared on the authentic WordPress plugin repository for Contact Form 7:

“Manipulates the control, separator, and other kinds of unique characters from the name of the file to repair the file that was unrestrictedly uploaded issue of the vulnerability.”

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Sanitization of filename 

Sanitization of the filename is a connection with a feature associated with scripts that technique uploads. Filename sanitization features are designed to manipulate what sorts of files (document names) are uploaded with the aid of using limiting positive sorts of files. Filename sanitization can also manage the paths of the document.

The feature of filename sanitization works with the aid of blocking off positive record names and/or permitting a constrained listing of names of files. 

In reference to WordPress Plugin Contact Form7, there has been a difficulty withinside the filename sanitization which created the scenario in which positive sorts of risky documents have been accidentally allowed.

Patched up vulnerability in version 7 5.3.2 of Contact Form 7 

The said vulnerability was initially found out by analysts at Astra, a web security firm. 

The vulnerability of Filename Sanitization has been patched up in version 7 5.3.2 of Contact Form7. 

Every version right from 7 5.3.1 and under of Contact Form7 is found to be vulnerable and need to be upgraded at the earliest.