Apple Blocks Fraudulent Transactions
Apple Blocks Fraudulent Transactions

In a continuous effort to prioritize user privacy and security, Apple’s App Store team took decisive action in 2022. They block a staggering 1.7 million app submissions due to privacy, security, and content policy violations. This robust approach successfully prevented potentially fraudulent transactions worth over $2 billion.

Apple’s commitment to combating account fraud led to the termination of 428,000 developer accounts suspected of engaging in fraud. Additionally, the company deactivated 282 million fraudulent customer accounts and blocked 105 million attempts to create developer accounts. These all related to suspicious behavior.

The App Store team demonstrated vigilance in protecting Apple users from the dangers of unsafe apps. Close to 400,000 app submissions were rejected due to privacy violations. The reasons were unauthorize harvesting of personal data without user consent or knowledge. An additional 153,000 apps faced rejection for misleading users or being mere replicas of previously submitted applications. Approximately 29,000 apps were denied entry into the App Store for utilizing undisclosed or hidden features.

Apple Revelation On Fraudulent Transactions

Apple reveal that its App Review team knows malicious code in certain apps. These codes had the potential to steal users’ credentials from third-party services. In some cases, seemingly innocuous financial management platforms turn out to be deceptive apps. These apps were capable of morphing into something entirely different. Consequently, nearly 24,000 apps had removal from the App Store in 2022 for these bait-and-switch violations.

The App Store App Review team deserves recognition for their efficiency. It examines an average of over 100,000 app submissions every week. Experts approximately 90% of these submissions review within a mere 24 hours.

Apple’s Fight Against App Store Payment Fraud

Addressing the pervasive issue of payment fraud, Apple thwarted fraudulent transactions worth a remarkable $2.09 billion in 2022 alone. To reinforce this effort, approximately 714,000 fraudulent accounts got ban. This prevent them from engaging in further unauthorized transactions.

Moreover, Apple implemented measures to block the use of approximately 3.9 million stolen credit cards for fraudulent purchases within the App Store. Emphasizing their commitment to protecting users, Apple highlighted the security of Apple Pay, wherein credit card numbers are never shared with merchants. This crucial safeguard significantly reduces risk factors during the payment transaction process.

In pursuing a trustworthy app ecosystem, Apple devoted substantial resources to ensure the integrity of user reviews and ratings. Over 147 million fraudulent reviews and ratings had removal from the App Store in 2022. This took place after scrutinizing more than 1 billion entries.

With a global presence and an extensive user base, the App Store continues to serve as a reliable platform for over 650 million average weekly users worldwide. Facilitating app distribution for a staggering 36 million registered developers, Apple maintains its unwavering commitment to providing a secure and user-centric experience.


Apple’s App Store team’s unwavering dedication to privacy, security, and content policies led to the rejection and blocking of 1.7 million apps in 2022. Their actions prevented fraudulent transactions valued at over $2 billion, protecting users and maintaining the trust of the developer community. Apple’s continued efforts to combat payment fraud, remove fraudulent reviews, and enhance user experience underscore its commitment to safeguarding the App Store and its millions of users worldwide.d give yourself peace of mind.