In the latest hacking developments, REvil hacking group is blackmailing Apple. After allegedly getting their hands on some of their products’ blueprints, a little while before Apple’s Spring-loaded event this week.

Data breach attack by REvil hacking group:

A total of $50 million has been demanded as extortion money to the tech giant by the REvil hacker group.

It was also reported that in an attempt to verify the authenticity of their hacking, the hacker group posted the proof of the data leak on the dark web.

Apparently, the REvil group stole the sensitive, confidential data of the Apple MacBooks and other Apple products by hacking one of their manufacturers. 

The victim was a Taiwanese company Quanta, that conformed to the data breach attack by Bloomberg.

When Quanta was hack, REvil has initially target that company for extortion and payment demands against the data leak.

Not heeding the hackers’ demands, Quanta refused payment for the retrieval of the data.

Targeting Apple:

Subsequently, the malicious actors went after Quanta’s biggest client, Apple.

The group published the objective by posting on a dark web portal, as spotted by security experts in a report.

To take matters further, REvil initiated the posting and publishing of the stolen images of Apple products.

To date, a total of 21 images and screenshots were revealed by the hacker organization that traced certain blueprints of newly released iMacs that had not been made public before the Spring-loaded event.

Amongst the illegally disclosed images of the iMac, a multitude of other screenshots and images posted to date also portray certain manufacturing schematics for the M1 MacBook Air launched last year as well as an unreleased laptop by Apple. The screenshots also display warnings on the pages: “This is the property of Apple and it must be returned,”.  This proves that the schematics and blueprints indeed belong to Apple.

Alleged other targets:

It is also concerning that the REvil hacker group had insinuated having acquired data of the other clients of Quanta. Which involves big organizations like HP, Dell, Microsoft, Toshiba, LG, Lenovo, and others.

 “Our team is negotiating the sale of large quantities of confidential drawings and gigabytes of personal data with several major brands,” noted the REvil postings.

As for the extortion and blackmailing against these stolen images, the malicious actors are threatening to disclose new related data every day. Will continue till their demands are not met and the payment of $50 million is not made by either Quanta or Apple.