Weee!, the largest Asian and Hispanic food delivery service in North America, was recently under a data breach. This led to the personal information of 1.1 million customers. The company delivers food across 48 states in the USA. They do it through a network of warehouses.

Hackers Steal Customer Information in Data Breach

On Monday, a threat actor named ‘IntelBroker’ started leaking Weee! customers’ data on the Breached hacking and data breach forum. According to the post, the hackers stole a database of 11 million customers in February 2023. The leaked database included customers’ first and last names, email addresses, phone numbers, device type (iOS/PC/Android), order notes, and other information used by the delivery platform.

No Customer Payment Information Exposed

After confirming the breach, Weee!’s statement assures customers that their payment information is safe. It does not retain any customer payment information in our databases,” the statement read. However, the company did reveal that customers who placed orders between July 12, 2021 and July 12, 2022 may have had their name, address, email addresses, phone number, order number, and order comments exposed.

Company Undertaking Thorough Review to Improve Security

Weee! emphasized that security is a top priority for the company and that they are undertaking a thorough review to ensure they continue to deliver on the trust placed in them by their customers. “Team Weee is notifying all customers of the issue, and it’s the impact on customers individually.

Check if Your Information is under data breach attack

Customers can check if their information under a compromise in the breach. By searching for their email address on “Have I Been Pwned” after the data is added later today. Existing members of the notification service will automatically be notified of the data breach via email.

Troy Hunt of the Have I Been Pwned data breach notification service stated that the leaked data only includes 1.1 million unique email addresses. The additional records are likely due to the same customer placing multiple orders.

In conclusion, the Weee! data breach is a reminder of the importance of protecting personal information in today’s digital age. Companies must ensure that they have proper security measures in place to prevent such breaches from happening and to protect the personal information of their customers.