Google holds the top opening with more than 547 weaknesses, Microsoft is on number two with 432 undesirable openness occurrences and Oracle is on number three with 316 weaknesses in H1 2021.

The most recent AtlasVPN research examines mobile security as well as prevalent vulnerabilities in today’s cybersecurity scene. According to the research, Google, Microsoft, and Oracle had the most vulnerabilities in early 2021.

Furthermore, the analysis found that the largest cybersecurity breaches in internet history occurred during the first half of 2021. The information in this study is based on the Telefonica Tech Cybersecurity Report 2021 H1.

Colonial Pipeline, Kaseya, and JBS Foods were all victims of devastating ransomware assaults, according to AtlasVPN. Given the tremendous increase in such assaults, Microsoft was forced to notify Azure users about the Cloud Platform’s fundamental security weaknesses.

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Apple, on the other hand, had to offer iOS updates to remedy a hole exploited by NSO Group in order to hack journalists’ iPhones. Furthermore, the SolarWinds hack proved to be a devastating blow to commercial and government organizations.

The report delivered negative news for the three technology behemoths: Microsoft, Google, and Oracle. According to the research, Google ranked first in terms of vulnerabilities disclosed so far in 2021, with over 547 holes discovered, putting more than three billion Chrome users worldwide at risk.

Microsoft came in second with 432 instances of inappropriate exposure. The majority of the havoc was caused by Microsoft Exchange, which ate up more weaknesses and exploits than any other platform.

Oracle came in third place with 316 vulnerabilities. Most exploits were detected in Oracle WebLogic Server, which acts as a platform for creating, deploying, and running enterprise Java-based applications and might provide remote attackers with access to the vulnerable machine.

Furthermore, Cisco, a networking hardware company, gathered 200 vulnerabilities, followed by SAP software, which accumulated 118 exploits.