According to Google, governments and businesses are at a watershed moment when it comes to addressing cybersecurity. The company declared it would invest $10 billion over the next five years. Google training 100,000 Americans in industries such as IT support and data analytics, as well as in-demand skills such as data privacy and security, through the Google Career Certificate program.

Cyber attacks are increasingly jeopardizing important data and key infrastructure. While we applaud additional initiatives to improve cybersecurity, governments and companies are also confronting critical difficulties,” said Kent Walker, SVP of Global Affairs at Google.

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“Primarily because many organizations are still using insecure old systems instead of implementing current IT and security policies. Governments rely on outdated vendor contracts that limit competition and choice, raise costs, and cause privacy and security problems, according to the study “he continued.

To begin with, many suppliers lack the tools or skills to block nation-state actors, cybercriminals, and other hostile actors from exploiting flaws in software supply chains.

A third problem is that nations are simply lacking the resources to prepare for and deal with these dangers, Walker said.

In the aftermath of multiple high-profile hacking incidents against government agencies and energy infrastructure, tech giants including Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon promised US President Joe Biden on Wednesday that they would assist him to enhance cybersecurity infrastructure and 100,000 americans will get Google training.

While Microsoft announced that it will invest $20 billion over the next five years, and Amazon announced that it would provide a free multi-factor authentication device to all AWS account users.

“Security is the cornerstone of our product approach,” Walker stated.

Over 160 scholarly articles on computer security, privacy, and abuse prevention have been published by his team. “We also alert other software businesses to problems in their systems,” he said.

An instance like the big Solarwinds hack and a ransomware attack on Kaseya prompted Biden to speak with him about cybersecurity.