By now, all of us have become very much familiar with Google Voice assistant and its amazing abilities. The voice assistant has made our mobile devices way too accessible and quick with its applications. It most certainly makes those frequent Google searches faster than we can really type. How about you ask your Google assistant to do nothing though? 

Google has always been notorious for coming up with creative and quirky ways to endorse their services and it cannot get any better. In the effort of collaborating with the chocolate brand Cadbury 5 Star, Google has come up with a new feature in its google voice assistant called the ‘Do nothing mode’! 

To activate this mode, you simply have to say, “OK Google, eat a 5 star”, and voila, your virtual assistant will do nothing!

Once activated, Google voice assistant will stop helping you out and will basically encourage you to do nothing as well. Asking any kind of questions to it will get you a sassy and quirky response in reply.

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For example, if you ask “Recommend a comedy show” it replies with “Have you watched any news channels lately?” or “how to make chips” will get you a reply suggesting that you should just order some food in. 

Google says that “while Google Voice Assistant helps you become more “PRODUCTIVE”, with the 5 Star ‘Do Nothing’ Mode it gives you more “PERSPECTIVE’. It will act like a chilled-out friend who is always by your side, motivating you to take a break every now and then.”

These cheeky and hilarious remarks have the users amused and entertained and have certainly made things a little more interesting with the virtual assistant.

Google also states that it serves the purpose of encouraging people that doing nothing and extendedly, urging them to stay home and “do nothing” helps with our current cause of quarantining and social distancing.

Interestingly though, this feature is currently available only in India. If you are anywhere but in India, you will not be able to use this feature and may have to wait a little longer.

This new feature is available on smartwatches, smart TVs and tablets running on Android 6.0 and above, Google Home, Android Phones running on Android 5.0 and above, iOS devices running on iOS 10 and above, Google Voice Assistant-powered headphones, and smart displays.