Hyundai Data Breach
Hyundai Discloses Data Breach

South Korean multinational automotive company Hyundai, which sells over 500,000 vehicles annually throughout Europe, has disclosed a data breach impacting car owners in Italy and France. The company has warned that hackers had unauthorized access to their clients’ personal data. It includes email addresses, physical addresses, telephone numbers, and vehicle chassis numbers. Here is all you need to know about Hyundai data breach.

Details of Hyundai Data Breach

The Hyundai database was under hack, compromising personal data of car owners and prospective buyers who booked a test drive. The incident was trending on social media platforms. “HaveIBeenPwned” founder Troy Hunt shared a sample of the notice he received, warning of the stolen data. The notification confirmed that while the attackers accessed Hyundai’s database, they didn’t steal financial data or identification numbers.

Unfortunately, it is unclear how many Hyundai customers felt data breach. It is also not know how long the network intrusion lasted, and what other countries might be affected.

Response to the Hyndai Data BreachIncident

Hyundai said that in response to the breach, they have taken their systems offline. It is until further security measures can be implemented. Also, the company informed data protection authorities in France and Italy.

According to the company’s official statement,

“Although there is no evidence that the data concerned have been used for fraudulent purposes, out of extreme caution, we invite you to pay particular attention and to verify any contact attempt via e-mail, mail and/or text message that may appear to come from Hyundai Italia or by other entities of the Hyundai Group.”

Hyundai is encouraging its customers to be cautious of unsolicited text messages and phishing emails. As these could be social engineering attempts.

Recent Security Issues

Hyundai has faced multiple cyber-attacks in the past. In February 2023, the company issued emergency software updates to several car models affected by a USB cable hack, which allowed thieves to steal the vehicles. In December 2022, the company’s app had bugs that enabled remote attackers to unlock the vehicles and start them or expose car owner information.

Recap of Hyundai Data Breach

Data breaches continue to be a major issue, with companies losing enormous amounts of sensitive data to cybercriminals. after Ferrari, Hyundai is facing breach. If companies such as Hyundai have strong security measures in place, it reduces the risk of cyber-attacks resulting in data breaches. However, as cybercriminals become more sophisticated, it’s critical that businesses stay vigilant and keep updating their systems to safeguard against these malicious attacks.

While Hyundai claims that no financial data or identification numbers were under breach, compromised personal data can also pose severe problems for the owners. It’s always best to be wary of unknown messages and determine their legitimacy before responding or providing personal information.