One of the main hubs for cybercrime has now been identified as the city of Nizams, which is also a center for IT. According to data from the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB), Telangana was responsible for 10% of all cyberfrauds in the nation in 2020.

According to the NCRB’s Crime in India-2020 report, Telangana had an increase in cybercrimes from 2,691 incidents in 2019 to 5,024 cases in 2020 or 13.4 cases per lakh people.

Telangana saw a two-fold surge in cybercrime in 2021. Recorded 8,828 different instances of cybercrime throughout the year. 1,191 of these cases involved internet fraud and impersonation, according to IANS, while 5,833 of them were severe offenses.

Major offenses included customer service fraud, fraud using online classifieds, fraud involving employment, fraud involving loans, and fraud involving banks. Other offenses include obscene content, phishing, cyberstalking, and online impersonation fraud. The majority of scams, according to the authorities, involve unified payment interface (UPI) schemes, in which the con artists deceive their victims into sending money by convincing them to scan QR codes in order to get paid.

In 2018, reported 5,646 cybercrimes to the Hyderabad Police alone in the year 2018, compared to 1,379 instances in 2020.


According to Hyderabad Police Commissioner C.V. Anand, cybercrime is included in every fifth First Information Report (FIR) in Hyderabad. Every day, the city records roughly 100 FIRs, 20% of which are related to cybercrimes such as financial fraud, hacking, sexual harassment, and social media fraud.

Approximately 45% of cybercrime crimes, according to a police officer, include UPI scams. The next 15% involve OTP frauds, phone customer service scams, investment fraud, and other cybercrime cases.

As seniors avoided leaving their homes and made purchases using internet portals and e-wallets from within, the number of cybercrimes rose during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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