Microsoft rolled out security patches for vulnerabilities in windows.  The patch addressed one of the critical vulnerabilities: the vulnerability was widely targeted by attackers who could use it for remorse code execution for gaining control over vulnerable systems.  Out of 71 windows vulnerabilities, 2 are critical, 68 are important, and 1 is low risk.

Code similarity and re-use of C2 [command-and-control] infrastructure we discovered allowed us to connect these attacks with the actor known as IronHusky and Chinese-speaking APT activity dating back to 2012,” Kaspersky researchers Boris Larin and Costin Raiu said in a technical write-up, with the infection chains leading to the deployment of a remote access trojan capable of collecting and exfiltrating system information from compromised hosts before reaching out to its C2 server for further instructions.

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Patch also takes care of newly found flaws in the print spooler component. The component is related to an information divulging bug and a spoofing vulnerability.

A spoofing vulnerability usually indicates that an attacker can impersonate or identify as another user,” security researcher Ollypwn noted in a Twitter thread. “In this case, it looks like an attacker can abuse the Spooler service to upload arbitrary files to other servers.”