Following the arrival of the “Pegasus Report” which uncovered that more than 300 confirmed telephone numbers of government officials, reporters, finance managers, and other significant personnel were on a rundown of potential observation casualties by Pegasus, the Israeli organization behind the spyware has excused the cases.

Reacting to the debate, Israeli technology firm NSO Group that is the maker of the refined Pegasus spyware application, dismissed the discoveries of the report, distributed in India on Sunday night. 

As indicated by a report, telephone numbers of a few Indian ministers and public personnel including a sitting Supreme Court judge were found on a data set of potential hacking targets. The breached file was apparently accessed by Amnesty International and Paris-based media non-benefit Forbidden Stories who imparted it to various global media associations including the Washington Post.

Reacting to the dispute, NSO Group brought up issues about the “unwavering quality and interests” of its sources and said that the report depended on “wrong presumptions and baseless speculations”. The association additionally said that it was thinking about documenting a lawsuit against the “incredible and a long way from the real world” charges.

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In a given statement, NSO said that the report depended on data provided by “unidentified sources” that had absolutely no genuine premise and were far eliminated from existence.

“In the wake of checking their cases, we immovably deny the bogus claims made in their report. Their sources have provided them with data that has no verifiable premise, as clear by the absence of supporting documentation for a large number of their allegations.

The association additionally said that the cases made by the Pegasus Report that the observation information was divulged or leaked from an NSO server were “a finished untruth and absurd”, adding that such information never existed on any of theirs servers.

“NSO Group has a valid justification to accept the allegations that are made by the anonymous sources to Forbidden Stories, depend on a deceptive understanding of information from available and unmistakable essential data, for example, HLR Lookup administrations, which make little difference to the rundown of the target clients of Pegasus or some other products of NSO.

Such administrations are easily accessible to anybody, anyplace, and whenever, and are generally utilized by legislative organizations for various purposes, just as by privately owned businesses around the world,” NSO said in its assertion.

Multiplying down further on past claims, NSO said that the organization just gave its technology to “law authorization and knowledge offices of screened governments for the sole reason for saving lives through forestalling wrongdoing and fear acts”. It further added that it had no admittance to system operations and apparent information.