A ransomware attack on CS energy network was warded off. If the ransomware attack had been successful, the attack would have deprived millions of homes of electricity. Chinese attackers, on November 27, tried to hack CS energy’s network but the attack was identified and thwarted before it could have crippled two major thermal coal plants.

If the attack had been successful, 3500 megawatts of power would have been taken out of the grid, enough for between 1.4 and three million homes.” reported the website News.com.au.

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The prompt action by the CS energy network team neutralized the ransomware attack; CEO Andrew Bills stated that the company quickly separated the affected network from other networks to prevent affecting the generators. The company isolated the corporate network from the Callide and Kogan Creek power stations.

The company informed federal and state agencies and has taken the help of cyber security experts to investigate the ransomware incident.

“CS Energy moved quickly to contain this incident by segregating the corporate network from other internal networks and enacting business continuity processes,” Mr Bills said. “Unfortunately, cyber events are a growing trend in Australia and overseas. This incident may have affected our corporate network, but we are fortunate to have a resilient and highly skilled workforce who remain focused on ensuring CS Energy continues to deliver electricity to Queenslanders.