The world’s most significant producer of oil Saudi Aramco said their documents were beached and leaked closely following reports that attackers asked for a ransom of $50m.

Saudi Aramco affirmed that some organization documents were breached after attackers allegedly requested a ransom of $50 million from the world’s most important producer of oil.

“As of late, Saudi Aramco has become mindful of the aberrant arrival of a restricted measure of organization information which was held by outsider project workers,” the Middle Eastern oil major said Wednesday in an email. “We affirm that the disclosure of information was not because of a penetration of our frameworks, no affects our tasks, and the organization keeps on keeping a powerful stance of cybersecurity.”

The Associated Press announced before that 1 terabyte data of Saudi Arabian Oil Co. had been held by malicious attackers, referring to a page it had gotten to on the darknet. The state-claimed driller was offered the opportunity to have the information erased for $50 million in the form of cryptocurrency, the AP said.

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The worldwide energy industry has seen an increase in cyberattacks with Colonial Pipeline turning into the most noticeable of late. The oil and gas industry, which incorporates the organizations that own wells, pipelines, and processing plants, has for some time been a slowpoke in security spending, as indicated by experts.

In 2012, Saudi Arabia accused unidentified individuals based external the realm of a hack against the oil goliath that meant to disturb creation from the world’s biggest exporter of unrefined. The supposed “skewer phishing” attack annihilated in excess of 30,000 PCs in no time. A representative for the Interior Ministry declined at an opportunity to distinguish any of the “few unfamiliar nations” from which the assault began.

The Middle East has recently been a magnet for a portion of the world’s most expensive hacks, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP said in a 2016 report.