Telegram for Windows has rolled out a security update that comes with new data privacy attributes to allow users to have enhanced data authority.

After WhatsApp faced major backlash for introducing a new privacy policy under which they could share certain data with Facebook and its affiliates without an option to disagree with it.

Following the criticism, Whatsapp saw a major fall in downloads while other apps like Telegram experienced a huge surge in downloads and made headlines. 

Ever since Telegram has hit record roofs in the past few months, there has also been a flux of security vulnerabilities and cyber privacy concerns that have popped up in recent developments.

Hence Telegram is currently working on enhancing user privacy experience and has released the new security update for Telegram on Windows.

Latest Telegram windows update with Better Data Control Feature:

In the latest security update, Telegram has integrated the feature of users being able to delete groups that they have created as well as erase the call history for all sides which cannot be traced.             

On the Telegram App, there is also the option available to delete private groups for both sides. Since Telegram servers do not hoard users’  deleted chats, groups, or call history, the data will get erased permanently once the delete button is clicked.

Enhanced Voice Chat features in latest telegram update:

In the previous update, Telegram had embedded the group call feature on their systems. While now, in the latest update, the company upgraded the voice chat user experience. 

Telegram for windows updates premises a new feature that can allow users to alter the volume for attendees of a group voice in-app call.

While in an active group voice call, users can click on the top menu and adjust the volume of individual attendees. Call administrators can change the microphone levels for anyone onboard the call.

Report Fake Channels:

Lastly, users can now also report fake channels or groups imitating famous individuals or organizations. To do this, users need to open their Profile and click on the Report option.