The security debacle circling Tesla and other company’s camera hacking incidents through Verkada created quite a stir in last week’s reports.

However, in the recent revelation of events, a threat actor named Tillie Kottman, crediting himself for the Verkada hacking incident has been taken into custody by Swiss law authorities.

Hacking Tesla and jails:

After the Tesla and other companys’ hacking incident was disclosed to the public last week, the alleged Swiss hacker has claimed to be the perpetrator behind the attack and stated claims of being able to access the surveillance feeds of the Silicon Valley-based security company Verkada. This seemingly included a Tesla facility in Shanghai and many other prominent customers of the company including jails, hospitals as well as schools.

When Swiss authorities were notified of the alleged threat actor, they raided the threat actor’s apart in Lucerne, Switzerland, and confiscated the hacker’s electronic devices.

If reports are to be considered, the warrant was seemingly referenced on a previous year’s security incident that took place and not the Verkada hacking attack.

When the warrant was made accessible to particular reportings, it came to the light that the search was implemented as a part of the alleged U.S.  criminal case against the hacker i.e. Tillie Kottman in Washington. 

The warrant demanded reports regarding the former year’s hacking as well as details regarding cryptocurrency assets.

Koffman has been charged for identity theft, fraud as well as the illegal authorization of protected endpoint, as well as has been previously linked to the hacking incidents involving Nissan Motor Co. and Intel Corp.

No outside agenda from the hacker:

Accordion to Koffman’s statements, Tesla and other company’s hacking incident was oriented by “lots of curiosity, fighting for the freedom of information and against intellectual property, a huge dose of anti-capitalism,”

“It’s too much fun to not do it”, he says

He allegedly gained unauthorized access to Verkada’s cameras using “Super Admin” credentials on the previous week’s Monday morning. The hacking incident was disclosed the following day.

Koffman states of the government not being able to comprehend the concept of “doing things for reasons other than money and power”. Kottman’s parents living premises were also frisked by the Swiss authorities.

Rather than use the access to Verkada’s systems to snoop for weeks or months on its clients, Kottmann contacted a journalist shortly after the breach, and the company cut off the hacker’s access. 

After Tesla and other organization’s security breaches by hacking Verkada’s systems, Koffman had reportedly communicated with a journalist rather than snooping around the compromised systems for weeks.