The postponed 3.0 release of the US Department of Defense’s bug bounty program ‘Hack the Army’ is about to happen one month from now.

Hack the Army 3.0 – a cooperation between the US Army Cyber Command, Defense Digital Service, and a platform of vulnerability disclosure HackerOne – is planned to function from January 6 until February 17, 2021, or until reserves are depleted.

The exercise of invite-only will see both civilians and military members welcomed to search for security defects in twelve unequivocal targets of the domain of explicit military interest, just as confirmation administrations and armed forces possessed Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).

The entire domain is the inside degree, however, “bounties will be paid uniquely for finding certain vulnerabilities classifications”.

‘More hackers, targets, and bounties’ 

Hack the Army version 3.0 follows two past versions of the activity in 2017 and 2019. The activity was at first to start in the month of December.

Since its commencement, the programs of  Hack the Army have assisted with settling 1,000 vulnerabilities that are legitimate. 

The most recent version of the vulnerability divulgence activity offers “more hackers, targets, and bounties,” HackerOne told. 

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“In its initial year, we saw 371 enlisted members, with 118 legitimate received reports and over $100,000 acquired in bounties,” a representative said.

“Though, in its following year, we saw 52 confided in attackers, announcing 146 vulnerabilities that were legitimate and a payout of over $275,000.”

Collaboration with the Public sector 

“Each year, Hack the Army fills in participation and reports of vulnerability,” added the HackerOne representative.

Cyber security needs to continually develop, and by utilizing the hacking network the Army is finding a way to stay secure.”

Hack the Army 3.0 bug bounty is essential for HackerOne’s more extensive coordinated effort with the US Department of Defense. Different difficulties have included Hack the Marine Corp, Hack the Pentagon, and Hack the Air Force.

The DoD of US has now executed 14 public bounties on outside confronting sites and applications, and 10 private bounties on a scope of delicate, inner systems of DoD.