A worldwide service outage was faced by WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook users including users in India.

The service outage, which began at around 10.40 PM IST, primarily impacted the app functionalities of sending and receiving messages with users who also reported not being able to log onto the WhatsApp Web accounts.

WhatsApp has since addressed the issue stating that there was definitely some technical issue within the messenger systems and that the service was down for a brief 45 minutes after getting restored.

Facebook, similar to WhatsApp, had seemingly experienced a similar service outage last night with users not being able to log in to their accounts.

Facebook has also reportedly addressed the service outage in a similar manner, stating that the issue had certainly impacted their user services and is apologetic due to the inconvenience.

Apart from WhatsApp and Facebook, Instagram users were also reportedly affected by a similar service blackout.

Over 28,500 users Instagram users and more than 30,000 WhatsApp users had officially reported facing issues while accessing the social media platforms.

According to tested analytical statistic services, over 49 percent of WhatsApp users were experiencing connection issues, 48 percent were unable to send or receive messages on the platform and about 2 percent were not able to log in.

Reported analytics also disclosed that around 57 percent of Facebook users reported about the total blackout and 29 percent were not even able to access the social media app. Around 66 percent of Instagram users were not able to access News Feed as well as its official website.

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Similar WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram service blackouts:

This is not the first that the aforementioned social media platforms had experienced service outages or blackouts.

Back in December 2020, WhatsApp, along with Facebook and Instagram had faced a similar service blackout for a few hours before the systems were restores to be up and running.