A new malware called Silver Sparrow has been discovered that is affecting Mac systems as well as the new Apple M1 chips with records of over 30,000 infections so far.

Silver Sparrow malware has been discovered and analyzed by several cybersecurity researchers and experts.

It has reported having infected more than 29,000 macOS devices and systems of old as well as the Macs integrated with Apple M1 chips in countries around the globe. The number of corrupted mac systems is found to especially high in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, as well as France.

Since the malware is still in its early stages there is little to no information regarding the severity of the cyber vulnerabilities and threats it poses. Despite the significant numbers of impacts perpetrated by Silver sparrow malware, it is unclear whether the malware is veiled under pirate application, malicious advertisements, or phony Adobe Flash updaters which is the most common mac malware variants dispenser.

Observations deliver that once the malware enters any mac system, Silver Sparrow just lingers therein, waiting for further commands or instructions from its dealers. However, when cybersecurity experts were dissecting the malware, with the intention of analyzing its mal-workings, the malware never received any instructions.

Caution against undervaluing:

However, experts state that this does not lessen the cybersecurity threats posed by the malware and that Silver Sparrow should not be underestimated with regards to its mal-abilities. It is entirely probable that malware is rather shrewd in its abilities and is maybe capable of identifying researchers testing its manners and is merely dodging further discoveries of analytics.

The substantial number of infected systems evidently exhibits that this is a very severe cybersecurity concern and not just some hacker’s one-time experiments.

Infecting Apple M1 Chips:

The malware has also found itself effective in the newest Apple M1 chips introduced last year in Apple Silicon infecting their latest  Mac systems as well.

This also sheds light on the novelty and severity of Silver Sparrow malware cyber threats.

As we reported earlier, Silver Sparrow malware is the second malware found effective in infecting Apple M1 chip architecture. The first one being the GoSearch22 adware which is a variant of the Pirrit malware that has been recently discovered as well.