Leading snowboard manufacturer, Burton Snowboards, has informed its customers about a data breach resulting from a cyber incident earlier this year. The company discovered the attack on February 11, which led to a system outage and the cancellation of online orders. As a precautionary measure, Burton advised customers interested in purchasing snowboarding gear to visit a physical Burton store or take advantage of the company’s new online rental program.

Investigation Reveals Potential Unauthorized Access to Customer Information

In response to the breach, Burton engaged external forensic experts to investigate the incident and determine the extent of the breach. After conducting a thorough analysis, the investigation revealed that an unknown actor could access or take a limited number of files and folders. Last week, Burton sent notification letters to affected customers, informing them that on April 7, 2023, it was confirmed that some of their information was in the compromised files and folders. The compromised information may include customers’ names, Social Security numbers, and financial account details.

Burton Assures Customers Regarding Financial Information Security

Although the breach notifications raised concerns about the involvement of financial information, Burton’s privacy policy provides reassurance to customers. The policy states that the company’s website fully complies with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. Burton emphasizes that at no point during the ordering process or after are credit card details or bank account numbers stored or retained by Burton.com.

Prompt Action Taken to Secure Affected Against Data Breach

As a precautionary measure, Burton promptly reset the passwords for all accounts associated with affected customers. The company has still not received any reports of misuse or attempted misuse of customer personal information. In compliance with legal requirements, Burton is notifying relevant state and federal regulators about the breach. Additionally, the incident has been reported to law enforcement, and the company is fully committed to cooperating with any subsequent criminal investigation.

Burton Snowboards: A Leading Snowboard Brand yet to Respond to Data Breach

Burton Snowboards, established in 1977, has become one of the most renowned and reputable snowboard brands worldwide. With its headquarters in Burlington, Vermont, the company also maintains offices in various locations, including Australia, Austria, Canada, California, China, and Japan. Burton’s commitment to delivering high-quality snowboarding products has led to its presence in thousands of stores globally.

Despite the disclosure of the breach, Burton Snowboards has yet to respond to inquiries from BleepingComputer, seeking further information about the incident that occurred in February. The company’s dedication to transparency and addressing the matter promptly is crucial in maintaining trust with its customer base and mitigating any potential negative impact resulting from the data breach.