Analysts as of late got a playbook that was leaked connected to Conti, the Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) gang. It has uncovered plenty of data about the attackers that likewise contains the Cobalt Strike manual that was referred to while making the playbook.

Disclosures from the playbook that was leaked 

The playbook archives that were sensitive are accepted to be leaked by a displeased accomplice of Conti. 

  • Analysts noticed that the degree of details remembered for the documentation could empower any cybercriminal with low skills to perform cyberattacks. 
  • The aggressors utilize the Net order to list clients and instruments, for example, AdFind to recognize clients with Active Directory access, alongside OSINT and LinkedIn to spot clients with restricted admittance
  • One of the fundamental devices canvassed in the playbook is the danger of imitating programming Cobalt Strike. Moreover, other utilized devices are Armitage, SharpView, SharpChrome, and SeatBelt, among others
  • The hackers likewise included insights concerning taking advantage of the CVE-2020-1472 (Zerologon) vulnerabilities utilizing Cobalt Strike

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Who’s the leaker? 

The supposed leaker passes by the moniker m1Geelka. These could be low-level accomplices of Conti. 

  • In view of starting details from the leaker’s Telegram account, its group was not paid for the administrations and that the playbook leak was a demonstration of retaliation 
  • Yet, later, the accomplice expressed that the records were leaked to all the more likely comprehend Conti and not intended for vengeance
  • The spilled components are just those parts that could be distinguished against infection and no private code components were leaked


The Conti playbook could be a pivotal commitment to the security local area as it offers a look into the practices of these gatherings and the instruments they will in general use while performing assaults. For specialists and security examiners, this is a chance to convey the right rationale set up to recognize and alleviate such dangers.