WeChat, a Chinese social media site, informed that it stores data on China servers of users who are located outside of China.

WeChat users located outside of China received notifications that their personal information, such as likes, comments, browsing and search history, and content uploads, will be sent to China. The warning also serves as a reminder to users that the app’s licensing agreement and privacy policy are contingent to how they use the app.

A French-speaking YouTuber who only went by the alias Miss Crook said she got surprised to get the same message. She stated that this will impact many Chinese nationals and emigrants who are currently residing abroad.

Last year, WeChat announced that it had divided its data storage facilities for domestic and foreign users. WeChat requested foreign users re-sign the terms and conditions to continue using the app. Many people rely on WeChat to send money to people in China and make purchases in Chinese yuan.

According to RFA, a French YouTuber going by the nickname Miss Crook expressed surprise upon receiving the same letter in French.

The Issue

She said, “I clicked through and then this notice appeared, so I just pressed cancel”. “The distinction between a democracy and a dictatorship is now obvious,”
She also informed us that will impact Chinese nationals and emigrants who are now residing abroad.

WeChat has become incredibly essential to overseas Chinese, but is it really? she questioned. It’s really not that significant, and we can simply quit using it altogether, so we shouldn’t let people misunderstand us.

WeChat announced in September 2021 that it had “separated” its data storage facilities for domestic and international users. WeChat asks those users to re-sign the terms and conditions to continue using the app,. People make purchases in Chinese yuan, and stay in touch with friends and family, in response to growing international concern over privacy protection.
However, according to Liu Lipeng, a former censor of Sina Weibo, the change was mainly cosmetic.

WeChat re-signed its agreements with all foreign users last year. But everything on the app—aside from one-on-one chats—must follow WeChat regulations, according to Liu. As a result, you are now back in the Chinese version.

He continued, whatever you write is still available (to the Chinese authorities), so it’s just sleight of hand. You continue to use WeChar.

According to Teng Biao, a legal expert from US, all Chinese internet service providers and social media platforms, including Tencent. The country’s cybersecurity law to provide any data requested by the CCP.