Users of Apple are encountering issues setting up new gadgets or getting access to documents put away on the apple iCloud because of a continuous iCloud blackout that has gone on for over 24 hours.

Beginning on 26th December 2020, at 4:45 AM EST, Apple has been encountering a blackout with its services of iCloud that keeps the users from signing into the service, getting to documents, or setting up new gadgets.

Very little data is accessible in regards to this blackout other than Apple saying “the users might be encountering an issue with the iCloud service” on their page of system status.

This blackout or outage couldn’t have occurred at the most exceedingly awful time as individuals can not initiate and finish setting up new Apple gadgets they got for these special seasons.

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This issue isn’t just influencing individuals attempting to initiate and set up new gadgets but at the same time is causing issues to data access that is stored on iCloud, for example, Photos.

On 27th December, at 4:35 PM EST, 36 hours later to the blackout initially started, Apple stated about the issue being resolved. 

Apple has not given any clarification as to the reason behind the outage taking place.