A recent article by Help-net security recently announced some astonishing statistics in terms of cybersecurity issues & how organizations have been dealing with them. It is no secret, that this unprecedented pandemic has hit all businesses around the world harder than ever. Increase in cybercrimes has added to the concern of organizations across the globe. According to Barracuda networks, in March alone email-based scams increased by 667%.

The cybercriminals have adapted to the changing world scenario & are thus taking advantage of trends & behaviour. To top that, a lot of organizations did not make cybersecurity a priority during the COVID-19 pandemic. Where a lot of organizations are opting to software & better security practices, around one-fifth organizations, threw cybersecurity out of their priority list. Not just that, 2% of organizations also confessed that their OT environment was not adequately safeguarded from potential threats. 

The changing face of cybercrimes amidst the Pandemic

Cybercriminals are becoming smarter day by day & opting to strategies that could help them scam a wider audience. They have opted to tactics that are relevant to the current trends & scenario. For example, under the name of COVID-19 charity websites, gazillion scam websites can be found on the internet. Scammers are copying genuine private & government-owned websites to scam visitors into looting their money. Today billion of COVID-19 pages can be found on the internet, 90% of which are scammy. 

Besides this, cybercriminals are now creating ore & more genuine looking phishing websites & emails to trap visitors. Today, an average reader is 3 times more likely to click on a phishing mail. With time, the face of cybercrimes globally is changing making it harder to recognize & defer from the truth. It thus becomes highly essential for organizations to take efforts to safeguard their data & educate their customers as far as possible.

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Those taking efforts

Though there are some who might not realize the cyberthreat that the pandemic has brought, there are many who are opting to better precautions with time. A number of organizations are not adopting technologies that could help them mitigate the risk of cyberthreats for their organization. In fact, 41% of the organizations considered implementing new technological solutions a priority during the COVID pandemic. Others have strengthened their organizations against the risk of data threats. Around 83% of the organizations believe that they are prepared to face any disruption from a cybersecurity perspective. 

The fate of the world, as well as the pandemic, is still highly undecided. This means that the world might have to work the same way for a while in this scenario, it becomes almost crucial for organizations to ensure highest security measures in order to keep their organization safe from the cyber threats and malicious entities lurking in the cyber world.