Hackers have allegedly leaked confidential data of approximately 50,000 employees. The leak of the confidential documents of Sanmina Corporation. It is a well-known American electronics manufacturer of medical systems, communication networks, defense, aerospace, energy, computing, and storage. Cybercriminals have listed the dataset for sale on the dark web. If the claims are correct, it will mark yet another incident of a major corporation falling victim to hackers.

Private Employee Data Leaked

As per reports, a cybersecurity firm identified a data leak, revealing that sensitive information. This includes full names, phone numbers, and job titles of roughly 50,000 employees. This information was available for sale on a hacker forum. As part of its critical infrastructure support, the company works with several clients. The list of stakeholders includes defense, medical systems, aviation, energy, and technology sectors.

Confidential Documents of Sanmina Corporation with Network Credentials Leaked

The cybercriminals also reportedly leaked approximately 200 PDF documents containing confidential information, such as the company’s network structure and credentials, that could be detrimental if accessed by bad actors. Accompanying the leak, the hackers have set a price of $2000 for the information. While it is not verified yet, access to such information could significantly boost the cybercriminal’s assault techniques, damaging the corporation’s vital interests.

Sanmina Corporation Response

Cybernews reportedly contacted Sanmina Corporation, who is yet to respond at the time of writing. The organization is responsible for safeguarding its employees’ sensitive information and providing a safe and secure environment in which they can function. The ease with which cybercriminals access such data reveals gaps in the corporation’s data management and security approach. The company’s silence is concerning, considering the increasing cybersecurity threat landscape.

Repeat Threat Actor

This particular threat actor has carried out a cybercriminal attack. Recently, sensitive information of users and employees of Skybound Entertainment, the company behind the renowned “The Walking Dead” comic book series, was also listed to be leaked by the same actors.


Institutions, corporations, and industry players must reassess their information security policies and reevaluate their strategies to protect themselves and their employees from cybersecurity threats. The impact of data leaks can be widespread, causing damage not only to the company’s reputation but also its stakeholders and employees. A data breach of this scale raises serious doubts about the effectiveness of Sanmina Corporation’s cybersecurity systems. It demands immediate attention to ensure robust security systems are put in place.