As the Accellion FTA cyberattack continues to be investigated, new revelations of other data breaches continue to surface. The latest victim of the Accellion FTA cyberattack is the US-based retail organization Kroger Co.

Kroger Co. has more than 2500 grocery retailer stores and over 2000 pharmacies across the USA. The organization has reported that it was one of the several victims of Accellion’s data breach attack while utilizing the file-transferring services that are provided by Accellion.

The grocery and pharmacy vendor Kroger co. reported in a statement that they reckon at least 1%  of their customers were impacted by the data breach.

Most notably, the customers employing the retailer’s Health and money services and a few of their employees were found to be undermined. A multitude of personnel data was seemingly breached and viewed by the perpetrators and has raised severe cybersecurity concerns.

However, Kroger Co. affirms that none of their IT systems, grocery systems as well as data systems were compromised and further highlights that no swindling has yet impacted the breached data of the victims.

Kroger delivered that it was among casualties of the December 2020 data breach attack of a file-transfer product called FTA developed by Accellion, and was informed of the incident in late January 2021. The retail organization has since revoked its contracts and has suspended the use of Accellion’s services. 

As previously reported, the Accellion FTA data breach had occurred in the month of December last year and had casualized several of the company’s notable customers.

The particular services that the company provides include a private cloud-based platform that helps organizations to share and transfer large, information-sensitive data and files securely over the web services without getting frisked by cybersecurity vulnerabilities and cyber-privacy issues.

Accellion Inc. has more than 3,000 clients listed in their customer base and delivers services to prominent enterprises around the globe. It reported that the infected product was 20 years old and is nearing its termination. The company affirms securing and patching all known FTA vulnerabilities but victims of the data breach attack keep on surfacing. 

Other Accellion customers impacted by the data breach attack include the University of Colorado, Washington State’s auditor, Singtel Telco, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, Australia’s financial regulator, and the well-known U.S. law firm Jones Day.