KT Corp’s customers couldn’t access the internet for approx 40 minutes. Network
failure was throughout the country. The failure was caused by a DDOS attacks,
although KT Corp refused to divulge any further details about the attack.

The payment, wireless, wired internet and call services went offline pan country.
The rise of the MEris botnet has brought back the attention to DDOS attacks. The
Meris Botnet had attacked a Russian tech giant Yandex-the attack was the largest
DDOS attack in history.

In 2021, DDOS attacks have been soaring. Threat actors carried out 2.9 million
DDOS attacks in Q1 2021. This was a 31% jump from the previous year Q1.

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DDOS attack described by the author of the article:

“During DDoS attack, vast numbers of “bots” attack target computers. Hence,
many entities are attacking a target, which explains the “distributed” part. The bots
are infected computers spread across multiple locations. There isn’t a single host.
You may be hosting a bot right now and not even know it.

When DDoS attackers direct their bots against a specific target, it has some pretty
unpleasant effects. Most importantly, a DDoS attack aims to trigger a “denial of
service” response for people using the target system. This takes the target network