McDonald’s customers in Costa Rica have been notified of a data breach in which their personal information was obtained.

Client names, marital status, address, email, document identity number, and phone number have been left exposed, according to the advisory sent to clients.

Customers should be aware of any attempts by criminal hackers to contact them appearing as the McDonald’s corporation, asking for further personal information, or containing fraudulent click invitations or requests to transfer payments, according to them.

The company announced in a statement to local media that one of its providers had been hacked, allowing attackers access to client information.

It did not say where the provider was located or whether the hackers had access to information from other providers in the company’s Costa Rica network.

They further stated that as soon as they became aware of the incident, they immediately contacted all possibly affected consumers as well as local legal authorities.

Customers’ data has recently been utilized to drain money from unwary people by posing as reputable businesses or governmental agencies in Costa Rica.

Experts advise that you change your passwords on a regular basis and that you constantly be wary of unsolicited or suspicious communications.