Per every filed report, the security researcher or bug bounty hunters received $10k on an average

Microsoft has rewarded $13.6 million to security scientists or bug bounty hunters under their program for bug bounty in just the previous year alone. 

The technology monster, which runs various innovation explicit projects under the umbrella of its program of the Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure (CVD), uncovered the figure in a blog entry earlier. 

Microsoft’s single most elevated prize was $200k, which was given out for the disclosure of the vulnerability in its Hyper V program. 

Microsoft likewise uncovered that in the previous year, security analysts or bug bounty hunters got $10k per report at the average. 

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The rewards were given out to more than 340 security experts or bug bounty hunters that too across 58 countries, stated Microsoft. They also added that 1200 of the reports that they received were genuinely qualified for the payouts. 

Microsoft also further stated that the mere volume of reports mirrors the “creativity and ability of the worldwide security research domain and their significant organization intending to the difficulties of a continually changing security surroundings”.

The organization additionally told that they are ceaselessly evaluating the landscape of risk so as to make alterations in the program and respond to them accordingly. 

“In the current year, we initiated some new scenarios and challenges to reward the research that is aimed at the higher impact to client security,” as stated by Microsoft. 

” These aimed for sections assisted us in not only the detection and patching of issues to client security and privacy but that also gave security experts and researchers to get ultimate rewards for their impactful work.

This program is much like a shoutout to all the bug bounty hunters or security researchers out there to showcase their talent be rewarded for the same.