If your Gartner customer then you can read a 2021 Gartner report here and Securelayer7 reviews. The security testing market in India is swarmed with countless service providers. They deliver similar prerequisites that are either somewhat or entirely similar to each other.

Why should you read the Securelayer7 Gartner report?

The past year has been challenging for enterprises along all verticals, especially when it comes to security assessment. Many had to adopt specialized security assessment services to cope with the increasing threats online. The Gartner report is aimed at helping security & risk management leaders understand the primary drivers & use cases, while also reviews potential service providers like SecureLayer7. 

The COVID-era has brought along its own set of cybersecurity problems. WIth prevalent cyber threats, security testing has become a norm for all organizations wishing to stay safe in the virtual world. But are we prepared for the challenges of the internet? Is our data safe? Well, to check that and to fill the gap, one must get security testing done by professionals.

Why should you choose SecureLayer7 for Security Testing and Consulting Services? 

SecureLayer7 is a globally recognized security services provider and accredited with CREST and CERT-in certification. The crest accredited for SecureLayer7 features the capacity as an engaged security association and underlines the specialized capacity to play out all degrees of penetration testing according to worldwide accepted standard guidelines.

SL7 is among other CREST-approved companies and is focused on customer information honesty, with a focus on research and excellence in services delivered.

SecureLayer7 stands as the one-stop solution for your penetration testing and consulting needs. We go beyond just automation and perform both automated and manual tests to ensure complete security for your organization.

With experts like SL7, identify the 10x vulnerabilities. A standard security assessment methodology along with SecureLayer7’s experience ensures improved security posture. SecureLayer7 builds customized test cases that go beyond the OWASP, SANS, and NIST standards & frameworks and include out-of-box test cases for identifying the critical to low vulnerabilities in the agreed scope of work. Using Pentest as a service platform i.e. BugDazz, SL7 quickly rollout pentest and helps organizations to speed up remediation of the vulnerabilities. You can learn more about SecureLayer7 services here