According to recent reports, thousands of the Tesla facilities and other company’s surveillance cameras were reportedly exposed to hackers in an enterprise security camera system vendor “Verkada” cyber attack. 

Tesla and other official organizations compromised:

The cyberattack was targeted at an enterprise surveillance vendor Verkada which has big-league corporations like Tesla, Cloudfare as well as state-jail facilities in its customer list. The vendor is based in Silicon Valley.

The hackers had reportedly hacked into Verkada’s IT systems and illegally accessed live surveillance footage of over 150,000 facilities of Tesla and other organizations including Madison County Jail in Alabama, Cloudflare, Equinox, Florida hospital system Halifax Health, Wadley Regional Medical Center in Texas, Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital in Arizona and many others.

Verkada has since acknowledged the cyber attack and communicated via a spokesperson. The vendor stated that they have deactivated all inland administrator accounts to impede any further unauthorized access.

“Our internal security team and external cybersecurity firm are investigating the scale and scope of this issue, and we have notified law enforcement,” affirmed Verkada.

The cyber breach on Verkada that permitted threat actors to access live footage of  Tesla and all the other extensive organizations was allegedly implemented by an international hacker gang. 

According to Verkada, the cybercriminals targeted the vendor with the intention of “showing the pervasiveness of video surveillance and the ease with which systems could be broken into”.

Accessing Tesla and hospital footage:

With internal investigation, experts were able to view a few footage clips that were exposed in the hacker attack. This included footage from a Florida hospital that showed eight-hospital staffers pinning one patient to a bed. Another video displayed footage from a Tesla Warehouse in Shanghai.

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Apart from Tesla, the Verkada breach had also affected another company called Cloudflare. A spokesperson of the San Francisco-based company stated of getting alert notifications from Verkada.

The Verkada security camera system monitors the main entry points of the organization as well as the main thoroughfares in a handful of Cloudflare offices.

These may have been compromised in the cyberattack. Subsequently, after the company was informed about the cyberattack, they disabled the camera and disconnected them from the office networks. 

Tesla is yet to put out a statement regarding the hacker attack.