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Pentest as a service platform helps to smoothly manage pentests. Bugdazz 2.0.1 has been released, and it has several improvements over its previous version. The improvements underscore the ease in accessibility for users, and every Bugdazz improvement embodies the customer’s interest which has been the cornerstone of the SecureLayer7 approach.

Bugdazz 2.0.1 features that you wanted, and we built it for you.

Dashboard widgets

The dashboard has become the one-stop for all your project details. It gives you an overview of your project, and you can also view the distinct parts of your project from the dashboard.

Jira integration

Bugdazz integrates JIRA; now, you can view and sync JIRA data in Bugdazz. It makes your life easy as you track JIRA data from Bugdazz

IP restriction

Bugdazz secures your data to the hilt. IP restriction only allows whitelisted IP addresses to access Bugdazz data.

One-Click Report

The reports for different stages of project testing are one click away; the reports are organized according to the stages so you can find the report you are looking for without much hassle.

Column Filter

Bugdazz allows you to conveniently organise and filter data. You can quickly find vulnerabilities, programs, etc. as we have built search tools within the filters popup

Permission restructuring

Needless permissions are extricated from Bugdazz. Now you can alter the permissions at any stage of testing

Secure and safe

Bugdazz has been tested rigorously to ensure external attacks are kept at bay. We have tested it comprehensively as if we were protecting our data.

Bugdazz will be continuously improved as there’s always room for improvement.

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