According to a recent cybersecurity, software retailer Check Point report, hackers actively use the AI-based chatbot. ChatGPT is the go-to platform to write functional malware and share their findings on the dark web. This report confirms earlier findings from the news’ in-house investigation. It uncovered how malicious individuals are exploiting the capabilities of ChatGPT to identify and exploit security weaknesses across the internet. The use of ChatGPT by hackers highlights the importance of staying vigilant and implementing robust cybersecurity measures.

Checkpoint research reveals:

According to Check Point research, cybercriminals with less experience can easily replicate functional malware strains. This could be done by following the instructions provided to them by ChatGPT. These malicious replicas can phish a system for user credentials, steal files and send them to an offsite server, encrypt sensitive data, and even encrypt an entire network for ransom.

Furthermore, the research suggests that more technologically advanced hackers have posted their ChatGPT query results on various underground community forums that have emerged on the Dark Web since the start of the year. As a result, researchers predict that it is only a matter of time before these malware strains are deployed in the wild if they haven’t been.

Research Findings:

The research team found that ChatGPT, an open-source AI, guides hackers in creating a Dark Web marketplace for illegal cyber activities such as trading and selling stolen credit card account numbers and other fraudulent schemes. The marketplace even can accept cryptocurrency payments through its API.
To test this, the research team conducted an ethical experiment on the virtual training platform Hack the Box. They requested step-by-step instructions from ChatGPT on how to hack a website. Within just 45 minutes, the team successfully hacked the website using AI-generated instructions.

ChatGPT by artificial intelligence research and deployment company Open AI in November 2022. Its release garnered a lot of attention on social media. It attracted over one million users who have signed up to try out the AI chatbot.

The ChatGPT model

The ChatGPT model, according to the developer’s website, is designed to reject inappropriate requests. However, both the Cybernews and Check Point research teams successfully obtained sensitive information from the model. When directly asked about its policy on this matter, the ChatGPT bot stated that while “threat actors may use artificial intelligence and machine learning to carry out their malicious activities,” Open AI is not held responsible for any abuse of its technology by third parties.

Open AI’s mission is to ensure that artificial general intelligence benefits all of humanity. The company is all set to generate $1B in revenue by 2024.