Fastway Couriers, a courier delivery services company has reported a data leak attack on one of its IT constituents.

According to reports, on February 25, a data leak assault was triggered on one of the company’s third-party IT development contractors and subsequently was issued a notice against on March 11, confirming the data leak assault.

Data leak compromises thousands:

“Fastway Couriers confirms that one of its IT systems has been the subject of a cyber-attack, the consequence of which has been that parcel receivers’ data has been compromised,” stated the company.

Detailing the data leak, the delivery services company stated that the attack impacted more than 400,000 of their courier service recipients and compromised some of their sensitive details including names, private addresses, as well as email IDs, and phone numbers.

However, Fastway Couriers was quick to reassure their customers that no monetary, financial, or any other personal data was exposed or jeopardized in the data breach attack since such information is not hoarded on any of the company’s IT systems.

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Compromised data seemingly pertains to Fastway Deliveries, in-flight or undelivered parcels over a period of approximately 30 days from mid-January onwards.”  

Consulting with data leak relevant authorities:

Fastway was apparently notified of the data leak on March 2, a few days after the attack was mitigated on February 26th, and was discovers by the third-party IT development contractor.

In a prompt reaction, Fastway notified the concerned law agencies i.e the Data Protection Commission as has delivered information of the data breach attack to the authorities.  

Fastway Couriers said that it had hired an IT consultancy firm to carry out an incident response and independent review of the cyber-attack.

“It is distressing that our IT systems were compromised by a malicious attack as we are exceptionally careful in every aspect of our data protection obligations,” stated Fastway Couriers. 

The company also states regret that client-sensitive information was compromised and that necessary cybersecurity measures will be seriously considered to mitigate future mishaps.