ScanSource suffer ransomware attack
ScanSource suffer ransomware attack

Technology provider ScanSource recently announced that it had suffer a ransomware attack. It led to significant disruptions in its systems, business operations, and customer portals. The U.S.-based company, known for its cloud services, SaaS connectivity, network communications. They also offer tailor solutions such as point of sale (PoS), payments, security, and automatic identification. And data capture (AIDC), has become a target of cybercriminals.

Customer Portals and Websites Unavailable, Indicating Cyberattack

Beginning around May 15, ScanSource customers express its concerns to BleepingComputer. They could not access the company’s customer portals and websites, hinting at a possible cyberattack. Yesterday, ScanSource confirmed a ransomware attack on May 14, 2023, affecting several of its systems. The company promptly activated its incident response plan, which involved notifying law enforcement agencies and engaging forensic and cybersecurity experts to aid in the investigation and mitigate the operational disruptions caused by the incident.

Operational Delays Expected, Operations in North America and Brazil Affected

The impact of this cyberattack on ScanSource has been substantial, resulting in anticipated delays in service provision to customers shortly. These operational challenges will affect the company’s North America and Brazil operations. In a press release, ScanSource acknowledge the inconvenience and potential delays. This was a problem for customers and suppliers in these regions, expressing gratitude for their patience. The organization is diligently working to restore affected systems and minimize the negative effects on its business.

Stock Price Decline Reflects Cyberattack Consequences

ScanSource, a Fortune 1000 company on NASDAQ experienced a 1.42% drop in its stock price following the disclosure of the ransomware attack. Investors reacted to the news, highlighting the potential financial implications and reputational damage the cyber incident may have on the organization. However, which specific ransomware operation is responsible for the attack remains unknown, and whether any data has been compromised.

Seeking Further Details on the ScanSource Ransomware Attack

BleepingComputer has contacted ScanSource to gather additional information regarding the ransomware attack. The aim is to obtain more insights into the nature of the attack, the potential impact on data security, and any steps the company takes to address the situation. Any updates received from ScanSource will be promptly shared to provide a comprehensive understanding of the incident.

Technology provider ScanSource grapples with the aftermath of a ransomware attack that has impacted its systems, business operations, and customer portals. The company has taken immediate action by engaging law enforcement agencies and cybersecurity professionals to investigate the incident and mitigate disruptions.

ScanSource Ransomware Recap

As ScanSource endeavors to restore affected systems and resume normal operations, customers and suppliers in North America and Brazil may experience temporary delays. The organization is committed to minimizing inconveniences and appreciates the patience shown during this challenging period. As further details unfold, the full extent of the attack, including any potential data breaches, will become clearer.