Ransomware Gang Steals KFC, Pizza Hut Data

Yum! Brands, the brand owner of popular fast-food chains (KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell) has confirmed a data breach. This breach took place in a January ransomware attack. The company is now sending breach notification letters to individuals whose personal information is under attack. Yum! Brands previously gave statement that the attackers did not exfiltrate any customer information. But now they found that some individuals’ personal information, including names, driver’s license numbers, and other information were stolen.

Breach notification letters sent to affected individuals

Yum! Brands began sending breach notification letters to affected individuals starting Thursday. This was to inform them of the cybersecurity incident that occurred in mid-January 2023. The company said that the exposed files contains some personal information. It includes driver’s license numbers or non-driver identification card numbers, in combination with the individual’s name or other personal identifier. While Yum! Brands gave assurance to individuals regarding ongoing investigation had not found evidence of identity theft or fraud. They are still offering complimentary monitoring and protection services.

300 restaurants shut down in the U.K. because of ransomware attack

The January ransomware attack also forced Yum! Brands to shut down approximately 300 restaurants in the United Kingdom for one day. The company filed its 2022 annual report with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Friday, acknowledging the temporary disruption caused by the attack. While Yum! Brands incurred expenses related to the attack, they assured investors that the incident would not cause any notable negative financial impact.

No evidence of customer impact due to ransomware attack

Yum! Brands has confirms that no evidence reveals that customers were under any affect by the data breach. In the course of their forensic review and investigation, the company found that personal information belonging to employees was exposed during the cybersecurity incident. While Yum! Brands has yet to disclose the total number of employees affected by the breach, they are offering complimentary monitoring and protection services to those whose personal information was stolen.

Yum! Brands and its subsidiaries operate or franchise more than 55,000 restaurants across 155 countries and territories, with approximately 36,000 employees worldwide. The company has not disclosed how the attackers gained access to their network or the ransom demand they received.


Yum! Brands’ confirmation of a data breach in a January ransomware attack highlights the growing threat cybercriminals pose to large corporations. While the company has found no evidence of the stolen data being used for identity theft or fraud, affected individuals are still being offered complimentary monitoring and protection services. Yum! Brands’ quick response to the incident shows the importance of having an incident response plan in place to minimize the impact of a cyber attack. As cyber threats continue to evolve, it is crucial for companies to prioritize cybersecurity and take necessary steps to protect their networks and customer data.