As part of its efforts to safeguard businesses and individuals from growing cybersecurity dangers, Amazon said this week that it will be providing free cybersecurity training and multi-factor authentication (MFA) devices.

President Joe Biden held a meeting earlier this week with the executives of key internet companies like Amazon and Apple to examine how private-sector corporations might engage with governments on cybersecurity. The meeting resulted in new security efforts.

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Joe Biden noted that, in his opinion, the organizations invited have ‘the ability to raise the standard on cybersecurity.’

In October 2021, the corporation will make public the training materials it originally produced for its staff. Participants can customize their own learning experience by adding additional materials such as online exams and movies.

To prepare its staff for possible security dangers, Amazon has developed a digestible and brief program. In order to boost content retention, the materials use proven neuroscience and adult learning concepts, and they’re constantly updated when new digital attack strategies emerge.”

Free multi-factor authentication devices for Amazon Web Services (AWS) users will also be offered by Amazon to those who qualify. By inputting their password and touching a security token plugged into the USB port of their computer, customers will be able to secure their most sensitive assets from cyber-attacks.

As a result, users’ AWS accounts are protected from phishing, session hijacking, man-in-the-middle, and malware threats with the free MFA token.” According to Amazon, “customers can utilize their MFA devices to safely access numerous AWS accounts, as well other token-enabled applications such as GitHub”