Almost three weeks after Florida-based programming seller Kaseya was hit by a broad supply-chain ransomware assault, the organization on Thursday said it got a widespread decryptor to open frameworks and assist clients with recuperating their information.

“On 21st July, Kaseya acquired a decryptor for the victims of the REvil ransomware assault, and we’re attempting to remediate clients affected by the episode,” the organization said in an explanation. “Kaseya got the tool from an outsider and they have groups effectively helping clients influenced by the ransomware to reestablish their surroundings, without any reports of any issue or issues related with the decryptor.”

It’s not quickly hazy if Kaseya paid any payoff. It’s significant that REvil associates had requested a heavy ransom of $70 million — a sum that was therefore brought down to $50 million — however before long, the ransomware posse strangely went off the matrix, closing down their payment websites and data breach platforms.

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The episode is accepted to have invaded upwards of 1,500 organizations that depended on 60 Managed Service Providers (MSPs) for IT upkeep and backing utilizing Kaseya’s VSA remote administration product as an entrance point for what has ended up being one of the “main network safety occasion of the year.”

The data technology organization has since delivered patches for the zero-days that were misused to access Kaseya VSA on-premise servers, utilizing the traction to turn to different machines overseen through the VSA programming and convey a variant of the REvil ransomware.

The aftermath from the assault, pursued through a penetrate in the product inventory network, has raised new worries about how malicious hackers are progressively violating the trust-related with outsider programming to introduce malware, also highlight the quick harm brought about by ransomware assaults on confided in inventory network suppliers, deadening many little and medium-sized organizations and causing ruin at scale with only one abuse.