In the latest hacker developments, a cyberattack by pro-Palestinian hackers on AcadeME leaked the private data of over 280,000 students in Israel.

Pro-Palestinian Hackers leak sensitive student data:

AcadeME is a nationwide service provider that offers support for students looking for jobs throughout 11,000 different businesses.

According to trusted security sources, a pro-Palestinian hacker gang known as the DragonForce claimed of being involved in the AcadeME cyberattack where they hacked the company’s systems.

DragonForce has been identified as a pro-Palestinian Malaysian hacker gang and on June 20, the hacker gang claimed the AcadeME hacking in a Telegram message stating the following: “THE LARGEST AND MOST ADVANCED STUDENT AND GRADUATE RECRUITMENT NETWORK IN ISRAEL Hacked By DragonForce Malaysia”.

If DragonForce’s claims are to be believed, they have leaked student data such as emails, passwords, first and last names, addresses, and even phone numbers of students who were registered on AcadeME.

The pro-Palestinian hacker group also claims to have compromised screenshots of code, server addresses, and a table including email IDs and names.

According to May Brooks-Kempler from the Think Safe Cyber Facebook group, the private information of over 280,000 individuals was reportedly compromised in the cyberattack, with student data dating back to 2014 who used the service.

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Concerning after-effects:

Security experts are of the opinion that the leaked details could be used in cyberattacks focused on those who signed up to AcadeMe. Users have been advised to change passwords and be alert to any suspicious emails, text messages, or phone calls they may receive.

As an aftermath of the hacking attack, the AcadeME website was shut down temporarily and was listed as “unavailable” as of writing this report.

Visitors of the website are met with the message stating that the website “should be back soon”.

“This is an urgent call for all Hackers, Human Right Organizations and Activists all around the world to unite again and start campaign against Israhell, share what is really going on there, expose their terrorist activity to the world,” wrote the hackers on Telegram. “We will never remain silent against israhell war activity.”

Last month, pro-Palestinian group DragonForce reportedly hacked into various Israeli CCTV networks belonging to residences and government agencies.